Towel Required! – Game Jam Build Download

Towel Required

Towel Required!, made for the Insanity Jam 04, is a humorous endless shooter where you fire towels at naked old men.

Lots of old men would like to get out of the gym shower room, but none of them have a towel. Unable to walk out of the shower naked, they look to you for a towel to cover their naked bodies up. It is your job to shoot towels out at them so that they will be able to leave. If you take too long to shoot a towel at someone, then they will become angry and start to harm you. Stepping into the running water of the shower will slowly heal you, but beware, men will still try to get the towels from you.

There are power ups scattered around the shower room – running shoes to make you go faster, extra blue towels for more ammo, and clocks to freeze time – will help you provide towels to more naked men. Do not get caught in one of the showers, or the men will start to block the entrance with their naked bodies and you’ll soon run out of towels. Make sure you deliver the towels to them, before you are overwhelmed by naked old men!

Download Towel Required! HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)