Tower of Archeos – Beta Download

Tower of archeos

Tower of Archeos is a tricky 2D tile swapping RPG in which you control a band of adventurers as they do battle with powerful enemies, collect loot and level up as they attempt to reach the 10th level of the tower to do battle with an evil sorcerer.

Starting with a lone adventurer, you enter the tower and do battle with a wide array of deadly enemies.  However, the way you do battle is very different to most other RPGs – you’re presented with a Bejeweled-style grid, populated by enemies and a locked door.  Battling different types of enemies will use up a certain amount of your health, BUT the amount of enemies doesn’t affect your health at all.  So your aim is to click on the largest groups of enemies as possible, killing them and collecting gold to help level you up.  You’ll also be able to uncover loot chests and keys for opening the door to the next level.

It’s a simple looking, but very tricky and addictive game.  The various different types of enemies all have different attributes and special powers which you’ll have to contend with if you want to reach the top of the tower.  A terrific tile-based tower climb.

Download the Tower of Archeos Beta Build Here