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Tower Unite

Tower Unite is a very ambitious Unreal Engine 4 powered community-based virtual world full of party games, entertainment, and activities.

It sounds a little like the ill fated (but popular) PlayStation Home, but is actually more of a spiritual successor to (and created by the developers of) a popular Garry’s Mod game-mode – Gmod Tower.  More importantly, Tower Unite won’t be riddled with micro-transactions and subscription fees – upon release players will pay just $15 for ALL the games content, with a promise of free DLC forever.

Tower Unite is made up of three core areas – The Condo, The Plaza and The Game Worlds.  The Condo is a highly customisable space that you can kit out exactly how you like it, watch YouTube videos, listen to music and invite friends over.  The Plaza is a lively place that lets you meet with friends, dance, get drunk, vomit, use jetpacks, rollerblade, use voice or text chat and lounge about in pool tubes.

Playing games is the main attraction though, with players able to take part in a variety of fully fledged 6-18 player games – including first person shooters, kart racing, co-op games, quiz games, minigolf and puzzle games.  The current Alpha Demo offers up a taste of this gaming experience, with Ballrace – a fun (and tricky) Super Monkey Ball-esque ball rolling skill game.

If the rest of the games are as engaging as Ballrace and The Condo and Plaza are as good as they sound then Tower Unite will be a very exciting prospect indeed.  It’s already raised over a third of it’s $50,000 IndieGoGo goal in just one day, so the future certainly looks bright for Tower Unite.

Check Out the Tower Unite IndieGoGo Campaign HERE

Download The Tower Unite Ballrace Alpha Demo HERE (Windows Only)

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