Towertale – Beta Demo

Towertale is a narrative driven boss rush action adventure where four different characters attempt to fight their way to the top of a legendary tower to earn the ability to change their fates.

In Towertale you can choose from one of four playable characters and follow their unique story as they fight their way to the top of an ancient mythical tower. It’s said that whoever defeats the guardians of the tower and reaches the top will be granted the ability to use a wish that will change their fate. Each character has their own unique abilities and their own reasons for climbing the tower (from ending all pain and suffering on Earth to unleashing chaos and destruction) so the narrative will be significantly different depending on which character you choose.

The current build of Towertale features four playable characters to choose from and three boss fights. Each character has a nice selection of moves and each boss has their own unique attack patterns that you have to learn and exploit to defeat them. The bosses can offer a nice amount of challenge initially, but once you figure out how to avoid their attacks and which attacks of yours to use the can be defeated fairly easily.

Hopefully the boss attack patterns will get a little more complex as you climb further up the tower, but even as it stands it’s a fun game with a great cartoony visual style, four unique narratives and some satisfyingly big and varied bosses to battle. Will you be able to tackle the tower and change your fate?

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Towertale Beta Demo Here (Steam)