Toy Shire – Beta Demo

Toy Shire is a charming tower defense game that’s played from the perspective of a kid playing with toy soldiers in his bedroom.

The core gameplay of Toy Shire is pretty similar to most tower defense games – you place and upgrade towers to prevent enemy creeps from reaching your base. However, it’s all played from the perspective of a young kid who is playing with his toy army men, and you even see him placing the towers on the battlefield!

Considering how adorable the game is, it’s also satisfyingly challenging and has a nice amount of depth. There are a variety of different units to deal with, a nice selection of towers and you can even place little toy soldiers on the battlefield to deal with any creeps that get past your main defenses.

The kid does perhaps chat a little too much, but other than that it’s shaping up to be an excellent game. Tower defense with toy soldiers is such a wonderful concept that makes you wonder why nobody’s done it before. Highly recommended.

Download The Toy Shire Beta Demo Here (Steam)