ToyBox – Alpha Download

ToyBox game

ToyBox is a creepy little maze runner that plays a little like a first person Pac-Man as you race through a dark labyrinth collecting gems and attempting to avoid the freaky mechanical monster that chases you.

In each level of ToyBox you must collect a set amount of gems that are laid out around a maze much like the pills on a Pac-Man map. You can gather the gems in any order you like, but must be careful to avoid the freaky mechanical monster that’s clomping around the area. The horrible wails that the monster gives out and the continual noises of its movement make for a very nerve racking experience that’ll really send shivers up your spine.

There are only three mazes at the moment and once you get to grips with it then it’s not that tricky, but it shows a lot of promise. It’s a fun game with great audio/visual design and a real sense of tension as you run around the mazes – you never know if that monster is just around a corner!

Download The ToyBox Alpha Here (Windows)