Tracks – Beta Download

Tracks game download

Tracks is a fun little virtual wooden train set that allows you to easily build all manner of fun track designs then jump in the train and ride along them when you’re done!

Building the your tracks in Tracks is very easy, you simply point in the direction you want to build in and click. You can build in any direction, including upwards, with little need to worry about structural support – you just need to focus on making it fun to ride on! Once your track’s built then you can hop in your train and take it for a spin and go hurtling around the track from a first person view.

Tracks is a pretty simple game but the dev is continually adding new features and refinements and it’s great fun reliving the joys of playing with a toy train set. All aboard the wooden choo choo train for a wonderful bit of build and play fun!

Note: Use the mouse wheel to make the track slope up or down. Press ‘T’ to swap between build & play modes.

Download The Tracks Beta Here (Windows)