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Tracks, a silly philosophical game made for the Stevens Game Development Club’s Game Jam, has you making huge life or death decisions while driving a train.

You have just received your philosophy degree and want to put it to good use. So obviously the best logical way to do this is by operating a train! Yes, you must make huge decisions by choosing which train track to go on. This may sound like a silly idea – well, honestly it is – but it makes for some quick decision making while you drive.

Some train tracks are quite tempting – asking you to hit people tied to the tracks in exchange for pyrotechnics or rewards. Others have you deciding how many people to kill (there is no option to kill none at all). At the top of the screen it keeps track of each thing you have received – death counters, money counters, and other little decisions you have made. Quite a few different questions present themselves – you must choose your track wisely. Every decision you make is important!

Download or Play Tracks Here (Browser & Win)

2 thoughts on “Tracks – Game Jam Build Download”

  1. oh wow!! i am so shocked to see this game up here! thank you so much for the share! (i am ari fiekowsky, i did the art for this game)

    so for a little background: we made this game in under 48 hours. i’m glad you all liked the drawn portrait style cut out from the paper–because it was all done at 4am, and was the only way i could get it done fast enough haha…i was worried people would think it looks bad, but we’ve recieved a lot of positive feedback on both the game and the aesthetics!

    anyway thanks for the feature! <3 me and adam both really appreciate it!

  2. I just wish there was a section, where a heap of people on one track, and less on another, but afterwards the tracks did not diverge, and there are two more options for each path, both visible on screen, where the larger quantity track from earlier has significantly less over all than the track with less people.

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