TRAIN 113 – Alpha Download

TRAIN 113 is a very tense first person horror adventure that takes which sees you making your way through a subway train that’s haunted by a malevolent spirit.

In TRAIN 113 you awaken alone in a train that’s hurtling through the subway. You’re not totally alone though – the train is also haunted by a very freaky spirit, and apparently she “likes the dark”. It might be best for you to stay in the light then!

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, TRAIN 113 is still early in development, but it already impresses with its tense atmosphere, high quality visuals and terrifying antagonist. The main issue at the moment is that the low brightness when everything goes dark makes it very hard to spot the small objects that you need to interact with (even though they flash a little). Other than that, it’s shaping up very nicely – the scares are all scripted, but they’re very well done and the subway setting really works well. High speed train horror well worth catching.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The TRAIN 113 Alpha Here (Windows)