train_mail – Prototype Download

train_mail is a wonderfully weird puzzle platforming adventure that plays a little like a train based Super Monkey Ball, but with physics based puzzles thrown into the mix.

train_mail is a more focused and level based version of the secret_train_game that we featured last month. In the game you take control of a train which lost the letters it was carrying on its way to its destination and must now leave the beaten tracks and go searching for them.

The objective on each level is to reach the end and grab a letter, which usually requires you to figure out a physics based puzzle along the way. Each level in train_mail can be completed quite quickly if you know what you’re doing, often requiring some feats of agility from your train – which can be easier said than done as your train’s movement is a bit lively!

It’s still very early in development but train_mail is already great fun to play thanks to its eclectic mixture of precision train driving and physics based puzzles. The art style and soundtrack are excellent too, helping to create a cheerful and vibrant game world for you to cause havoc in. A fun little train based oddity well worth boarding.

Download The train_mail Prototype Here (Windows & Linux)