Trains of Thought – Beta Download

Trains of Thought is a non-euclidean first person puzzle game set within a mind-bending subway complex filled with impossible spaces.

In each level of Trains of Thought your aim is to get from one train to another one via a connecting subway station. However, the subway stations are a little different from what you’d get in the likes of the London Underground. For starters there are no other people about, and there’s also the small matter that they’re filled with impossible non-euclidean spaces where the rules of space and gravity are malleable.

The gameplay in Trains of Thought is a little like Antichamber, with you experimenting with you figuring out how the environments in each station behave and then using them to figure out how to unlock a pathway to the exit train. Each level is full of fun little mind-bending surprises that can literally flip your world upside down – which makes for a wonderfully disorientating experience.

There are a few rough edges caused by the game’s complicated gravity-bending mechanics, but other than that it’s a very impressive game. The architecture of the levels is very cleverly constructed and there’s a lot of clever trickery going on within them. These subway stations would certainly make a morning commute a lot more fun!

Download The Trains of Thought Beta Here (Windows)