Trapout – Kickstarter Demo

Trapout is a tricky little escape room point and click adventure where every second counts as you solve puzzles and attempt to escape before you die.

The full game of Trapout will follow six individual characters who were all kidnapped and find themselves trapped in separate unique escape rooms. They will have to search for clues, solve puzzles and work fast to escape their rooms before the timer reaches zero and they die in there.

The Trapout demo features one full escape room and sees you taking control of a journalist who finds himself trapped in a run down old house. Scattered around the place are notes from the room’s previous resident which can help guide you and reveal a little of the game’s backstory. You’ll need a keen eye to spot the various useful items hidden in plain sight and you’ll often have plenty of keys but nowhere to use them!

It takes around 20-30 minutes to escape from the confines of Trapout’s demo room and it makes for a fun little puzzler with an intuitive UI and a great art style. There is one puzzle that doesn’t make much sense (using a lockpick to open a light switch), but on the whole the puzzles are well designed and it’s nice that you learn a little of the story with each new note you find. A fun little room escape adventure well with locking yourself into.

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