Trapped Demon – Game Jam Build

Trapped Demon, a dual control puzzle platformer made for the Let’s Create Game Jam #2, has you taking control of disposable humans and using them to help you navigate a trap-filled dungeon.

You are a demon, trapped deep within a dungeon. This dungeon is inescapable on your own – you cannot move through lasers or get to buttons to open walls. Luckily for you, there are some humans hanging about inside this dungeon too. These humans can be easily controlled and used to open new paths for you – they do die quite quickly though, so you must take care of them until you don’t need them anymore.

You are able to shoot magic out towards a human, then control it’s movements. As you move, your possessed humans will move in the same direction. You must watch both yourself and the human, making sure that you don’t die and the human doesn’t die before you are done with it. Once you are done with your human, you can kill it on grey spikes or falling bars, but not on red spikes. Red spikes cause the level to reset as it hurts the magic around the human as well.

Trapped Demon is a fun little game that has some cleverly designed levels that can be quite tricky – as the levels get more complex you will need to be extremely careful about how you move around. Thanks to those handy little humans you won’t be trapped thereforever though!

Download Trapped Demon Here (Windows)