TRAPT – Game Jam Build Download

TRAPT is a very freaky first person VHS found footage horror game where you find yourself trapped in a sewer system filled with rats, dead bodies and a grotesque monster.

Developed by Azaxor, creator of Forgotten School, TRAPT is a very tense and atmospheric first person horror game which sees you reliving the last recording of a person who went missing down a sewer system and hopefully changing the outcome. The game plays out via the eerie green-lit night-vision footage of the camera you’re holding as you search around the sewers form some means of escape. You may want to be careful though – there’s at least one monster lurking down there, along with lots of rotting corpses and a very bad tempered homeless person!

There are a couple of moments in TRAPT that are a little confusing (such as the sleeping homeless person who kills you), but other than that it’s a very tense and well crafted horror game. It’s got a great sense of atmosphere and there are some very freaky moments. It’s really not a pleasant place to hang out, but maybe it’s not a great idea to be wandering around in a sewer system in the first place!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download TRAPT Here (Windows)