Trash Sailors – Beta Demo

Trash Sailors is a wonderfully chaotic hand drawn sailing survival game for 1 to 4 players, where you attempt to keep your trashy raft afloat in seriously hazardous waters.

Currently in development by fluckyMachine (creators of Escape Doodland), Trash Sailors is a beautifully drawn sailing survival adventure where you try to keep your raft afloat in a world that’s been flooded by a hugs tsunami. It’s playable in single-player (with you able to switch between control of sailors manually), but really it’s best played in co-op multiplayer – the more the merrier (and the more wonderfully chaotic things become).

The goal in Trash Sailors is to help your ship survive long enough to reach the exit of each uniquely themed level. You can fish for debris that can be used to repair/upgrade your ship or fuel your motor. You can also man the ship’s wheel to steer it and you can even operate canons that you can use to dispatch enemies.

The visual style is fantastic and it’s a fun game that always has something to keep you busy as you try to save your little raft. There’s a lot to deal with as your raft sails the perilous seas, such as hungry crocodiles, toxic sharks and actric pirates, so teamwork (or just lots of shouting at each other) is necessary. See if you can keep your raft shipshape or sink like a lead balloon!

Download The Trash Sailors Beta Demo Here (Steam)