Trash Sailors – Open Beta

You can now join in the open playtest for Trash Sailors, a lighthearted co-op sailing simulator where you gather flotsam and use it to keep your little raft running in a world devastated by a trash tsunami.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a year ago, Trash Sailors is a chaotic cooperative sailign simulator for up to four players where you pilot a ramshackle little raft made of trash. It takes place in a world that’s been flooded by a massive trash tsunami. Now the remaining survivors all live on the ocean (much like Waterworld).

The waters of Trash Sailors are hazardous and filled with swamp crocodiles, mutant sharks, pirates and various other things you’d rather not meet. You may survive through with a little teamwork and a lot of recycling, with you able to use the trash you find to power the raft’s engine, construct spare raft parts and construct weapons.

It’s got a fantastic hand-drawn art style and plenty of opportunity for cooperative seafaring chaos. Grab the Beta now to join the crew!

Join In The Trash Sailors Beta Here (Click “Request Access”)