Treadnauts – Alpha Build

Treadnauts is a fantastic physics based 2D tank arena warfare game with vibrant visuals and wonderfully acrobatic vehicles to do battle in.

Playable locally with up to four players (single player will be implemented later in development), Treadnauts puts players in control of adorable little tanks and allows them to do battle across a variety of colorful arenas. These tanks are far more agile than traditional tanks, with them able to jump, rocket jump, slide and even climb up vertical surfaces and along ceilings.

Each round of combat is over very quickly, with players attempting to blow up or squash their opponents and remain the last tank standing. There’s currently a choice of four playable characters, each with their own cool looking tank and there’s also a nice selection of modifiers you can add to the game such as low gravity or bouncy bullets.

It’s a great little game with a great sense of style and character. Driving those cheerful, bouncy little tanks around the arenas is a delight and they’re capable of some incredible feats of agility once you figure out the slides and rocket jumps. If the upcoming single player mode has a nice selection of courses to put these tanks through their paces then it could be a real blast for solo players too. Charming, colorful and chaotic tank combat well worth taking for a spin.

Note: We recommend playing the tutorial before starting a match as it teaches you some handy tricks for your tanks.

UPDATE: The Free Alpha Is No Longer Available, But You Can Buy It Here (Win & Mac)