Treasure Raid – Beta Download

treasure raid

Treasure Raid is an interesting 2D Action Platformer that allows you to navigate between the multiple layers of foreground and background.

Set in Medieval Europe, you play as Lief, a master thief that sets out on a journey to rescue his town from poverty by seeking out treasure.  With the ability to switch over multiple layers (like LBP but with far more depth), you navigate levels in unique ways, solving puzzles and avoiding guards.  You also have a nifty bow to aid you, with various different types of arrow which can be used to attack enemies and solve puzzles – ice arrows for example can be used to freeze water and make platforms.

With it’s unique layer jumping gameplay and charming comic book visual style, Treasure Raid is shaping to be a fun puzzle platformer with more layers than an onion in a 3 piece suit.

Visit the Greenlight Page HERE

Download the Beta HERE