Tree of Dreams – Student Game

Tree of Dreams is a charming, chilled out and addictive little zen farming game where you plant and harvest different emotions and use them to create the perfect dreams for those in need of a good night’s sleep.

In Tree of Dreams you are a Dream Spirit who lives in a cloudy dreamworld and creates the perfect dreams for those that need them. You grow the ingredients for your dreams by planting, nurturing and harvesting plants which represent a different emotion (happiness, love, curiosity, courage and trust).

Plants take a day or two to grow and when you harvest them you can then take them to the Dream Post Office to sell them or to fulfil the Dream Letters from those in need of a good dream. You earn cash for this which you can then use to purchase more seeds and grow more crops.

There’s no real endgame and no way to fail in Tree of Dreams – it’s all very chilled out and stress-free. It’s quite repetitive, but it’s also surprisingly addictive and its fluffy little dream world is a very pleasant place to be. A dreamy little farming game well worth digging into.

Download Tree of Dreams Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)