Tree – Prototype Download

Tree game

Tree is a beautiful little game which explores the passage of time as you shape the growth of a tree and watch as a young boy grows up alongside it.

Tree starts with a young boy taking care of a little tree – a tree that he cares for and returns to at different points over his entire life. To progress the game you click on different areas of the tree at different times of the year, causing it to grow, bear fruit or remove branches. Where you click has a lasting effect on the shape of your tree, making each tree a unique shape for each play through. As you grow your tree, time moves on and you’re treated to snippets of the boy’s life as he meets friends, finds love and grows up.

It’s more of an interactive narrative than a game, with a unique blend of tree pruning, hand drawn artwork and stylish low poly visuals. A beautiful, contemplative experience that tells the story of an entire lifetime in just five minutes.

Download The Tree Prototype Here (Windows)