Trench Foot – Alpha Demo

Trench Foot is a brutal Warhammer 40k inspired grimdark trench warfare DOOM 2 Total conversion mod where a Templar rallies behind his troops as a rebellion threatens to return the land to its ancient aberrant rulers.

In Trench Foot you take on the role of a lone Templar who has awoken from a deep sleep, surrounded by the bodies of his fallen comrades. After a quick prayer you head out towards the screams and fight against a rebellion that’s threatening to send your land back to the dark ages.

The current build of Trench Foot features one large mission that takes around 30 minutes to play through. The gameplay is very DOOM-like (obviously), with fast paced run ‘n gun combat, beefy weapons and lots of demonic monsters to blast. The atmosphere, style and setting are very different from DOOM though. You don’t feel like a demon-blasting badass in this game – when faced with the magnitude of the war you feel vulnerable, you feel small and you feel fear.

It’s shaping up to be a fantastic mod, which really transforms the classic game of DOOM into a very different experience. It’s got an incredible atmosphere and there are some pretty spectacular moments throughout. Highly recommended.

Note: You will need an official DOOM 2 .WAD file and GZDoom to play this mod (so you need to own a copy of DOOM 2). Once unzipped, copy the DOOM 2 .WAD file and the in the .pk3 files from the Trench Foot folder into the GZDoom folder. Then select both .pk3 files and drag them on-top of the GZDoom.exe to start the game (you’ll probably want to customize your controls before you start playing).

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Trench Foot Alpha Demo Here (GZDoom/ZDoom & DOOM2 .WAD Required)