TrenchPunk – Alpha Download

TrenchPunk is a fast and fun Wolfenstein 3D inspired dieselpunk FPS where you blast your way through Nazi-filled trenches.

The gameplay in TrenchPunk is pretty similar to Wolfenstein 3D, with you making your way through trenches and bases, collecting weapons and using them to blast enmey soldiers. It has a very similar vibe to the excellent Raskopnik, with a similar visual style, setting and choice of music, but with FPS gameplay rather than Raskopnik’s turn based dungeon crawling gameplay.

The gameplay and level design does get a little repetitive at the moment, but even so it’s a lot of fun, it offers a nice challenge and it’s got a very cool style. A modern day update of Wolfenstein 3D that still feels satisfyingly retro.

Download The TrenchPunk Alpha Here (Windows)