Tri is a first-person 3D platformer set in an East Asian abstract world where your objective is to collect three statues hidden within the level by jumping, sprinting, crouching and using the only tool in your arsenal; that tool is of course, the triangle!  While the concept may sound elementary, Tri is a great brain-teaser where you’re faced with walls to scale up and obstacles to hurtle, forcing you to create triangles of different shapes and sizes in order to reach your objective. It’s mathematical!

Currently, those that download the Beta are limited to a single tower containing some easy puzzles and exploration, however Rat King Entertainment promises much more including a “freestyle” aspect that will allow you to run off walls and ceilings along with vast new landscapes and huge towers to traverse.  It’s an interesting game to say the least, and if you enjoy games like Portal, Qube, or antichamber, the Tri Beta is worth the 29Mb download.

Visit the official website HERE

You can download the Beta Demo HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)