2 thoughts on “Triad Wars – Open Beta”

  1. Played a decent amount of this game. It gets compaired to GTA Online, but that is not a fair comparison. GTA Online has much more to offer. Triad Wars is fun if you want some semi-mindless fun. You are basically grinding your character to raid the bases of other players and gathering economy to prevent others from raiding you. However, it is the same song and dance the entire game. You enter a players “business district”, they all virtually have the same floor plan but replace a fish market here with a bootleg electronics store. Replace the “Glass Joe” guard with “Bruce Lee’ who you have to counter or shoot in the face.

    The thing that is enjoyable is it sort of forces you to use your firearms as a last option. Do all the kung-fu you like, use the environment to your hearts content, but pull that gun out and get ready for the gates of hell to unleash their simple AI hatred upon you. Ever thug and wannabee will be blasting fill force until you are stopped.

    The “mini-games” symbolized by the red and green markers are a nice break from it all, but they are all identical. Go kill these 5 goons over here, take this car and get it over there, and the only real reward is a extra-time boost that you probably never use.

    Driving feels weird at first, but is easy to grasp fairly quickly.

    Outrunning the cops can be a real choir, so learn to drive maniacally down alley ways, shoot out a tire, and hope everything falls apart for police.

    The most fun is when someone tries to get back on you for raiding. You will be driving through the city, next thing you know an angry horde of motorcyclists will site fire to your butt really quickly. Then the cops will come out of nowhere from all the shooting and killing.

    Sadly, for me at least, it was a rare occurrence. While I wouldn’t want to have to do that every time I went after someones stuff, it was the first real excitement I had in the game.

    All in all I would give this a 6/10. Something that’s fun to play to kill the time that has a slight objective, but its not the game I day dream about while working my 9-5 and cant wait to get home to play.

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