Trial By Viking – Beta Demo

trial by viking

Trial By Viking, a game being created by Last Life Games, is an extremely well polished, action packed sidescrolling platformer set in world of Vikings and Norse Gods.

You play as the main character in this epic tale of gods, monsters and men. Odin, King of Asgard, has charged you with ending Loki’s reign of chaos, before human kind is wiped from the face of the cosmos. Entrusted by Odin with special power, you must venture forth through an unknown land filled with savage trolls, fireball flying imps and tyrannic wyvern ready to roast you whole.

Trial By Viking is a sure standout when it comes to the action platforming genre. It is not only beautifully designed with pristine graphical work, the music and gaming elements in this game are just sublime. Akthough Trial By Viking may look all flashy and new, but it certainly doesn’t feel it. It’s also oozing with nostalgia, with nods to classic retro games (It’s reminiscent of GODS in particular).

It’s a fun game, offering up great gameplay, gorgeous visual and a nice little bit of nostalgia. Trial By Vikings is a definite must play for anyone that loves platformer titles, Norse Mythology or just loves to smack things about from time to time!

NOTE: This game will be released on Steam for Windows and MacOSX on March 29th, 2016

Download the Trial By Viking Beta Version Here (Windows and Mac Only)