Trials of Azra – Alpha Demo

trials of azra

Trials of Azra is an epic pixel art based puzzle platform that sees you gain mystical powers which allow you to possess the dead after a mysterious storm hits your home town.

In Trials of Azra you play as Sam, a once ordinary child who just loved to spend time with his faithful companion. One day a mysterious storm appears, bringing with it vicious lightning and howling winds. After a series of misfortunate events you find yourself sucked into a black void and awaken to find yourself in a massive castle. You are greeted by a hooded man who feels you’re not up to the challenge of the castle, it’s time to prove him wrong.

The abilities granted to you once you enter the void are great fun to use. Starting out with a small energy projectile, your spells will get stronger over time when you discover the hidden scrolls in the game. You can also possess enemies you have recently killed to give you an upper hand against other monsters in the castle, and to solve puzzles. These puzzles impress throughout the Alpha Demo, and use your new found supernatural abilities in a variety of inventive ways.

Trials of Azra boast a wide array of enemies to face off against, each with different uses and abilities. This in turn gives you multiple ways to play, and also means game play never gets boring as each monster/creature has their different uses and makes the puzzle solving aspect a lot more enjoyable.

Even in these early stages of development, Trials of Azra impresses with it’s high quality pixel art animation, clever puzzle design and fun dead body possessing gameplay.  It’s shaping up to be a perfect possession based puzzle platformer.

Download the Trials of Azra Alpha Demo Here (Windows, Mac and Linux)