Tribal & Error – Alpha Demo

tribal and error

Tribal & Error is a unique game about learning and using language to solve puzzles and help a tribe of cavemen survive the incoming ice age.

You play a robot sent back from the future, and must observe the tribe of cavemen in order to master their primitive language.  You observe what the cavemen are doing, recording and copying symbols. You can then repeat the symbols and audio to the cavemen in order to figure out their meaning, then type a your perceived meaning of the symbols to help you remember which is which.

Once you have a basic grasp of their language, you can instruct the cavemen to carry out tasks by putting commands in the correct order, helping them learn new skills and solve puzzles.  It’s a fantastic concept for a game that gives you a great sense of achievement when you learn new words and skills.

The Alpha Demo of Tribal & Error offers up a short (10 min) taster of things to come, during which time you’ll help the cavemen master one of mankind’s most important discoveries.  With it’s charming visual style, adorable cavemen and unique language based puzzle design, Tribal & Error makes learning a new (old) language tons of fun.

If you get stuck, check out this walkthrough HERE (slightly older build, but same puzzles)

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Download the Tribal & Error Alpha Demo HERE