Trick Parade – Game Jam Build Download

Trick Parade

Trick Parade, a charming RPG game made for the Ludum Dare 33, has you scaring other kids using a fun Wario Ware-esque combat system on your quest to scare the schoolyard bully.

It is Halloween, a time for frightening… or being frightened. This year, you have decided you had enough of getting pranked and scared by older kids. You wish to take your revenge on all of those bullies by using your tricks to scare them instead. Starting off with just one homemade ghost costume. With just that costume, you must find children afraid of ghosts. Then you will be able to battle them, to see who will run off back home.

After selecting your costume(s) you will battle your opponent in a bunch of Wario Ware style minigames. Each of these minigames are completely different; from launching a cockroach at a girl to making a cup fly, you must perfect these tasks in a few seconds. You can win up to five minigames per round, dealing the most amount of scares to your opponent. You will deal extra damage if that person is already afraid of your costume.

Get revenge on the bullies, check out the town around you, and be the scariest kid in town this Halloween!

Download Trick Parade Here (Win, Mac & Linux)