Tricone Lab – Beta Key Giveaway (Steam)

Tricone lab

Tricone Lab is a unique micro-organism based puzzler in which you must alter organisms cellular structures to allow you to access resources which can be combined to create a mysterious multicoloured substance called Tricone.

Set across 100 levels, this unique biological puzzler allows you to interact with and combine catalysts and compounds within a cell and alter cellular structure by forming and breaking cell walls.  This may sound a little complex, but it’s really quite intuitive and easy to pick up and play.

You must figure out the right sequence of interactions to solve each microscopic puzzle.  This starts off very easily, but soon gets tougher as more catalysts and molecules get introduced, creating complex logic puzzles that require some experimentation, and making for a fun and addictive organic puzzler.

We have 50 Tricone Lab Beta Keys to Giveaway!  We’ll Give out 20 via Facebook and 30 via our Steam Group.  Claim yours now!

Tricone Lab Launches on Steam on the 12th of Novemeber