TRIGGORE – Game Jam Build Download

TRIGGORE blends old school shooting gallery gameplay with survival horror as you attempt to survive for as long as possible while being attacked by grotesque monsters.

Created by Francis Colombe and LumpyTouch (creator of the wonderfully weird Garfield Gameboy’d animations), TRIGGORE requires some real multitasking and shooting skills as you attempt to defend yourself from hordes of gruesome monsters who are invading your home. You aim with the mouse and can rotate the camera to view the whole house and you need to make sure you blast those monsters before they reach you!

You are vastly outnumbered, but you do have a few weapons hidden around your house, as well as some other useful items, such as chocolate and a mop. To see you need to light the candles with matches, to heal you eat chocolate, to clean up gore you use the mop, and to kill the monsters you use one of the various weapons – but you can only hold one object at a time. This means you have to manage your time as well as possible as you don’t want to be holding just a bar of chocolate when a monster barges through a window! It’s also a good idea to take a little time to close doors and windows after they’ve been opened as they can stall the monsters for a little while.

TRIGGORE’s fusion of shooting gallery and survival horror gameplay works incredibly well and the pixel art animation of the various types of monster is superb. It’s a very tough game, but you keep coming back for more because the shooting is so much fun and there’s lots of different freaky beautifully animated monsters to discover. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download TRIGGORE Here (Windows)