T(rip) – Game Jam Build

T(rip) is a beautifully drawn and very trippy little point and click adventure that sees you helping your character carry out increasingly strange tasks while slowly slipping into insanity.

Note: We try to avoid getting too specific in the article, but it contains slight spoilers. If you’d rather go into the game totally blind (which we’d recommend) it’s best to play the game before reading on (it takes around 20 minutes to play through).

In T(rip) you follow the story of a young man who lives alone in an apartment. The game is told through eight different periods of his life, with the apartment getting more covered with graffiti and his style changing and clothes becoming more tattered as you progress. During each period of his life you need to search for items and combine them in different ways to achieve a specific (and often strange) task.

It may not be immediately apparent, but soon you figure out something’s not quite right – things are clearly overwhelming him and despite the life affirming messages sprawled across his walls, he’s clearly not in a good state of mind. You’ll probably work it out before to long, but the clues are all in the final scene as to what you’ve been doing all this time, all numbered from 1 to 7 for your convenience.

It’s a powerful experience with fantastic artwork, a cleverly implemented UI and a thought provoking narrative. It’s a remarkable piece of interactive storytelling that really packs a punch. Highly recommended.

Note: Don’t click on the bath after you the bath scene or the game may bug out.

Check Out a Full Playthrough Here

Download T(rip) Here (Windows & Mac)