Trosor – Game Jame Build Download


Trosor, made for the Ludum Dare 34 game jam is a colourful platformer with some light shooting – except there aren’t any enemies.

Exploring the theme ‘Two Button Controls’ enforced by the Ludum Dare competition, Trosor sees you, the player navigating simple ‘get to the exit’ style levels using just two buttons – Jump, and Shoot.

When the player jumps, he jumps forwards. When the player shoots, he is propelled backwards by the recoil. This makes movement limited, and often random as the player jumps and then wall-jumps in order to change direction or scale heights. Playing feeling somewhere in between a showcase of skill (conjuring up memories of Super Meat Boy) and pure blind ‘I can’t believe that just happened’ luck (like the first time you win at Speed Runners).

It’s beautiful though, with an almost child-like crayon aesthetic that pulses and moves with every shot fired. Still with no real enemies to speak of, you’re probably wondering why you’ve got a gun in the first place? Along the way you’ll meet other characters scattered around the levels, seemingly held captive by some angry looking clouds. There’s no narrative present so you’ll have to make up your own back story for these guys, but shooting the clouds seems to make the little people happy, and gives you a nice little collectible to go for at the same time. Trosor is a curious little gem, quirky and different, and whose simple gameplay (much like many of the entries in Ludum Dare 34) will grab you harder than you might think.

Download Trosor Here (Windows Only)