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Trove game
Trove is an excellent action focused voxel-based sandbox massively multiplayer RPG that allows you to explore, fight and build, in a vibrant world that encourages exploration and feeds creativity.

As you travel the huge, ever changing worlds of Trove you’ll build, craft, mine and battle a variety of colourful enemies and bosses.  Comparisons will no doubt be made to the mighty Minecraft due to it’s voxel based world and extensive (and impressive) building and crafting options.  However, Trove is far more action/combat orientated and features a full RPG-style progression system, with classes (such as Gunslingers, Ninjas & Knights), loot, pets, XP, levelling, tons of customisation options and some very cool mounts (including some adorable little voxel-based ponies!).

There are new character classes released for Trove on a regular basis, usually accompanied by a new biome.  It features an impressive sense of community, with almost every piece of gear, dungeon, and lair in the game created by Trove players, and feedback on the Reddit group helping to shape the game.  It’s also a very welcoming place, with players happy to assist newbies with any questions.

Trove is currently in Closed Beta, with players able to buy access for as little as $5, and the good people at Trion Worlds have given us 500 Beta keys to give away!  We’re giving 400 away via the Godankey widget below, 50 via our Official Facebook page and we’ll reserve the final 50 for any YouTube/Twitch streamers who want to give it a go (just leave your details in the comments section below).

UPDATE: Giveaway finished. Better luck next time!

Note: The first large area you find yourself in is the tutorial stage.  Once you get to grips with the basics, simply gather the correct resources (press ‘TAB’ to enter build mode and right click to mine), then craft a portal via your crafting table and use build mode to place it.  Once through the portal the game REALLY opens up.

Visit the official Trove website HERE

Redeem your Beta Keys HERE

80 thoughts on “Trove – Beta Key Giveaway”

  1. Hi! I stumbled across trove today and I would love to play but i got no key. do you guys still have any? if so that would be so awesome :D

  2. OMG!!! does anyone have a key left for me plz? if the game is from what i expect it to be (GOOD)! i’ll be sure to share some videos on my channel (witch is currently like real closed for public lol sry)

    greetings from holland!

  3. shit i dont know if my post was ok posted… because i F5 the page to fast..
    but OMGif anyone has a key left i would be very happy to get one as well! my youtube channel is very closed to public at the moment but if the game is that good i be sure to share some cool movies!!



  4. May I pleae have a key if there are any left? I would love to start a youtube let’s play of this game ! Would be epic !!! youtube name LVXLQGiC


  5. I really need this key! If i’ll show a gameplay from this game on my YouTube channel, my friends and fans will want to play this game with me! They will love it!

  6. Please please good sirs feel pity for me and my terrible timing and spare a key for me, I will be forever grateful and will buy you lunch some day and you can use my beach house.

  7. Hmm it said its out of keys, I was thinking of making a vid on it.. Any chance you guys might have some extra keys?

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