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trubadurr game

Trubadurr is a very impressive and highly polished puzzle action platformer in which your ammo is live (literally) – you fire little imps that cling to you.

Lasting around 15 minutes, you set out on your quest to find an ancient relic in a deadly tower, full of monsters and traps.  Luckily you’re equipped with a bow and have a near-endless supply of ammo, thanks to the little imps that crawl towards you and cling to your body.  You can fire these imps in any direction in order to fend off enemies and solve puzzles, but if too many of them cling to your body you’ll become heavier, slower and eventually die.  This imps-as-ammo is a wonderful gameplay mechanic that is used very cleverly throughout the game, allowing for unique puzzle design and fun combat.

Created by students of the Video Game School Isart Paris, Trubadurr not only impresses with it’s gorgeous visuals and animation, the gameplay and puzzle design are superb too.  So what are you waiting for? Bring out the imp!

Check Out The Official Trailer HERE

Check Out a Playthough HERE

Download Trubadurr HERE (Windows Only – Control Pad Recommended)

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    • You’re welcome! Glad to spread the word about your game. It’s a very polished experience. You really do have a talented team. :)

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