True Nightmares – Alpha Demo

True Nightmares is a freaky retro styled first person horror game that explores themes of sleep paralysis as you unravel the mystery of who you are while exploring your nightmares.

The current build of True Nightmares is only around five minutes long but it’s a very intense experience. It sees you flitting between different nightmarish scenes, often inhabited by stationary people-shaped beings with sheets over their heads or by a freaky monster that chases you.

It’ll be interesting to see how True Nightmares progresses as it’s off to a great start. It’s hard to get much of a narrative or how it explores sleep paralysis from the current build (particularly as it’s so hard to make out what the tape recordings say), but it’s got a great sense of atmosphere and there are some very scary moments. There are jump scares, but it’s the deep feeling of dread and that you’re trespassing somewhere that you don’t belong that really gets you. A nightmare you won’t want to wake up from.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The True Nightmares Alpha Demo Here (Windows)