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Try Hard Parking game

Try Hard Parking is a ridiculously hard rage quit inducing precision driving game that we first covered while it was in Alpha, in which you attempt to drive tail happy 80’s vehicles around near impossible tracks and place them in a parking space.

Try Hard Parking is hard as nails and makes no apologies about it. The selection of 80’s sports cars and other vehicles available (including an A-Team van) are great fun to drive but they’re not exactly suited to the incredible feats of precision that the deviously designed tracks ask of them. Your clumsy attempts feel the equivalent of a sumo wrestler attempting to tip toe across a tightrope – ridiculously hard and you’ll have a LOT of failures, but it feels like a genuine gravity defying miracle when you manage to pull it off and plonk your car in that little parking space.

We don’t often feature full games on Alpha Beta Gamer, but we’ll happily man an exception for Try Hard Parking as we had so much fun (and frustration) with the Alpha. There are 10 levels to test your skills (and your patience) in the current build and the dev plans to offer plenty of free content, with 2 new tracks to be released every month for the next year (it’ll probably take a whole month to beat the tracks anyway!)

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  1. You’ve got to get this game. It’s awesome. I already gave away all my keys but for $1.99 you can’t go wrong.

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