Tsioque – Alpha Demo


Tsioque is a beautifully hand animated point and click adventure in which you play a princess who must overthrow an evil wizard who has taken over your kingdom.

You play Princess Tsioque, a bright little girl who has a talent for causing havoc wherever she goes.  After her mother (the Queen) left the castle to ride into battle, the castle’s wizard seized the chance to take over the kingdom, casting dark spells of enchantment and throwing you in the dungeon.  Thankfully you’re a pretty resourceful girl, so you won’t stay there for long…

The puzzles and story of Tsioque are both great, but it’s the gorgeous hand drawn animation that stands out.  The backdrops and superb animation transport you into a world that feels looking like a classic Disney movie (the Black Cauldron springs to mind).  It’s a joyful game that we can’t wait to see more of, especially as the dev promises that it won’t be an episodic adventure, but a fully self contained story – with a start, finish and a grand finale.  A charming and beautiful animated adventure.

Check Out a Gameplay Video HERE

Check Out The Kickstarter & Download the Alpha Demo HERE (Win & Mac)

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