TS!Underswap – Beta Demo

TS!Underswap is an Undertale fan gam……. Wait! Come back! Unlike the vast majority of terrible Undertale fan games, TS!Underswap is genuinely excellent and a worthy companion to Toby Fox’s modern classic.

TS!Underswap is a re-imagining of Toby Fox’s acclaimed Undertale game, which swaps character roles and introduces new content and characters to create a brand new game that feels very much like an official Undertale adventure. It starts similarly to Undertale, with a human finding themselves in a realm of monsters, but the way it plays out very differently and the characters are quite unlike how you’ll remember them.

The current build of TS!Underswap takes around two hours to play through and features three endings depending on your actions. It allows you to explore the first area of the game (Ruined Home) where you’ll fight (or not fight) enemies, meet lots of interesting characters, solve puzzles, make friends and discover secrets.

Much like the original game, the game world is very rich – packed full of great little details, quirky characters and hidden secrets. The story stands up well too and the combat is very well implemented, with some particularly creative boss fights.

Sure, you may be burned out by the ridiculous amount of fan games that Undertale spawned, but if you loved the original you owe it to yourself to check out TS!Underswap. It’s clear the amount of love the devs have for the source material and they’ve managed to create something that feels very special. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download the TS!Underswap Beta Demo Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)