Tuebor – Open Beta (Steam)


Tuebor is a a fast paced cyberpunk 3rd person hero arena fighter that blends RPG, MOBA and MMO elements as up to 16 players compete in PVP, PvE, Co-Op and PvEvP battles across a variety of fun game modes.

In Tuebor players choose from a selection of over 30 customisable heroes, then do battle cooperatively against hordes of mutants, cyborgs and AI machines, or compete against other players in PvP arena combat. There are a nice selection of game modes available, including Skull Ball (similar to Rocket League), Death and Glory (horde mode with boss fights), Capture the Core (a new twist on Capture the Flag), Team Annihilation (Team Deathmatch) and the MOBA-esque Core Breach.

Tuebor is still in development, so does lack a little polish in the animation and sound design, but other than that it’s a very promising game. The Unreal Engine-powered visuals look superb, there’s plenty of variety in the gameplay modes, there’s a nice selection of unique characters and the brawling/shooting combat is great fun. A great fusion of genres that’s well worth checking out for some MMORPGMOBA fun!

Download The Tuebor Beta Here (Steam)