Tumble Baby – Game Jam Build

Sliding puzzles have been around forever, so it’s really wonderful when there is a new twist on the genre. Tumble Baby introduces a Lemming-esque baby character, that constantly crawls forward through many dangers, just hoping to find their teddy.

In this three by three grid (with one blank spot) you must move around the different tiles in hopes of making sure the baby can be reunited with their teddy bear, without hitting any of the many dangers within the level. If the child runs into a wall or the side of the puzzle without anywhere to go, they will double back.

This means that you can isolate the child in a corner while trying to find a way to make a path to the teddy bear. As you progress more hazards like cannons, spikes and enemies are introduced, all of which can end up cutting your ‘lil baby’s life short if you’re not careful.

It’s a tricky little game what delivers a fun twist on the tile-sliding puzzle genre and the pixel art graphics are very cute. A great little bite-sized puzzler well worth checking out.

Play Tumble Baby in your Browser Here (Browser)