Tumbleweed Typo Hunter – Game Jam Build Download

Tumbleweed Typo Hunter puts you in the spurred boots of a Wild West bounty hunter, searching for typos in 3D town scenes where everyone is words instead of people – even you!

Your name is Hero, and in each level is filled with a bunch of other words, some of which are misspelled. Misspelled words do not belong in this world, so you must shoot them until they are removed from the scene. Shooting words is more dangerous than it sounds. The number of letters in their names represent their health, and as your name is “hero”, you don’t have very many lives.

Once you start shooting, many of the other words around you might join in – especially if you hit the wrong person. You’ll also get negative points for shooting bystanders or hitting buildings, where people do hide inside. In more towns, you actually will find more people, all keeping an eye on you and your movements – watching for you to draw your gun.

It can be tricky trying to read different characters, figure out the spelling, and dodge bullets that are being shot across the screen. There is a lot going on, and unless you are good at finding spelling mistakes, you might struggle as the hero. The words don’t stay the same between levels or even playing the same level again, which means that you cannot rely on what you read previously!

Tumbleweed Typo Hunter delivers a wonderfully unique fusion of word games and gunfighting. It’s pretty short, with just three levels, but it’s a lot of fun clearing the streets of those no good misspelled words!

Download Tumbleweed Typo Hunter Here (Windows & Mac)