Tunche – Kickstarter Demo

Tunche is a side scrolling beat ‘em up adventure with fluid combat, roguelike elements, skill trees and beautifully animated hand-drawn artwork.

Playable with one to four players, Tunche is a 2D beat-em up adventure set within a magical Amazonian jungle, which sees you fighting your way through hordes of beasts in search of the Tunche – a mythical creature “of no discernible shape that confronts people with their inner selves”. As you fight your way through the jungle you’ll battle minions and bosses, earning XP and upgrading your character’s skill tree as you go.

The current build of Tunche features an endless arena mode and a horde mode with eight waves of increasingly challenging monsters and a big boss fight to finish it off. Before you start fighting you can choose from a selection of upgrades from your skill tree, giving you a custom loadout of attacks, moves and resources to enter the fray with. There’s a nice variety of enemies to dispatch and the combat is fast and fluid. The majority of the artwork and character design is very Ghibli-esque but the final boss has a style that’s fondly reminiscent of Cuphead and can take some time to defeat.

It’s an impressive game with gorgeous hand drawn artwork backed up by fast, fluid and fun beat ’em up combat. The Cuphead of beat ‘em ups!

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