Turbo Island Purger – Alpha Download

Turbo Island Purger is a fun top down twin-stick roguelike shooter where you blast robots, collect scrap and purchase upgrades as you make your way through its stylish low poly islands.

In Turbo Island Purger you become a professional island cleaner who is tasked with eliminating rebellious scrap robots from a variety of idyllic low poly islands. You are given a choice of the route through the islands and before you enter an island you are given a choic of what type of enemies you’d like to populate it with. As you make your way through the islands you’ll earn scrap metal which can be used to purchase upgrades and you also get to open a couple of crates at the end of each island, one containing a random perk and one containing a random weapon.

It still feels a little barebones (which is understandable considering it’s still early in development), but it’s a fun game with a great visual style, easy to pick up and play gameplay and lots of lovely environmental destruction. Well worth checking out for a bit of robot blasting fun.

Download The Turbo The Island Purger Alpha Here (Windows & Mac)