Turbo Kid – Alpha Demo

Turbo Kid is a brutal BMX metroidvania adventure based on the gory cult classic 2015 movie of the same name.

Following on from the events in the Turbo Kid movie, the Turbo Kid game sees you making your way through the wastelands after your friend died in a tragic battle. You now need to use your fighting prowess and your biking skills to make your way to “Heaven”, but it won’t be easy!

As well as being able to run, jump, shoot and melee attack, you can also whip out a BMX at any time and use it to traverse the game’s large multi-route game world. The biking feels great and allows you to build up speed, launch off of ramps, do tricks and even use spiked wheels to climb up walls.

It’s a novel take on the metroidvania genre that does a fantastic job of infusing BMX riding into the action platforming gameplay. The entire wastelands feel like a giant (dangerous) bike park and it’s packed full of secrets to discover. Just try not to die trying to find them!

Check Out a Turbo Kid Gameplay Video Here

Download The Turbo Kid Alpha Demo Here (Steam)