Turbo Sloths – Alpha Demo

Turbo Sloths is a racing game where you drive rocket powered steam-rollers at breakneck speeds around explosive-filled tracks.

In Turbo Sloths the Sloths are a race of highly intelligent industrialist tech-heads with a passion for racing. The sloths have managed to mine the most power-efficient mineral in existence and they use it to propel their heavy duty industrial vehicles at ludicrous speeds. And you get to race one!

The demo build of Turbo Sloths is fairly limited, with three very similar looking vehicles to drive and two different tracks to race on. The vehicles are fast, but as you can imagine they’re also large and unwieldy, so you’ll need to get to grips with them to have any hope of reaching the finish line. They’re also equipped with guns, mines and rockets, which comes in handy if anyone’s foolish enough to overtake you!

It’s a strange but fun and unique take on the racing genre with a real feeling of weight and momentum to your ridiculously fast vehicles. They may not be as agile as an F1 car, but they could squash one without even noticing a bump in the road!

Download The Turbo Sloths Alpha Demo Here (Steam)