Turf Wars – Pre-Alpha Demo

Turf Wars Game Download

Turf Wars is a carnage-filled local multiplayer combat game that could probably be best described as Gang Beasts with guns, as up to four players do battle in dynamic environments filled with hazards, explosions and ragdoll mayhem.

in Turf Wars players take control of wacky gangsters with customisable loadouts and do battle in dynamic crime-filled ghetto environments. The matches are fast paced chaotic affairs with players being awarded points for every kill they get. You don’t just have to worry about being killed by other players, as the maps feature random events, such as drive-by shootings and trains hurtling through the middle of them to keep you on your toes.

It’s a fun game, with spectacle-filled Unreal Engine 4 powered action, packed full of OTT mayhem as bullets, grenades and bodies fly through the air. Well worth checking out for some chaotic multiplayer gang warfare.

Note: Playable with control pads only (one required for each player)

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Download The Turf Wars Pre-Alpha Demo Build Here (Windows)