Twelve Tasty Halloween Horrors!

Spooky times are upon us, so we’ve dug out twelve of the tastiest treats from the last year. Have a happy halloween!

TRIGGORE – A glorious LumpyTouch animated survival horror shooting gallery with lots of grotesque monsters to blast.

Critters For Sale – A Surreal 1-bit styled choose your own adventure with Noid Men, Michael Jackson and a homicidal goat!

Killer Frequency – Save callers from a serial killer in this late night radio host adventure.

The Ward – A surreal little horror game where the monsters aren’t nearly as monstrous as they first look!

Groaning Steel – Drive cars made of flesh, bone and steel in this PS1 styled horror racing game.

Albion. – Explore a town that’s been overcome by a mysterious fleshy red goo in this atmospheric PS1 styled adventure.

Beleth – A beautiful and bizarre occult horror shoot ’em up in an audio-reactive soundscape.

Static End – Hole up in your apartment during the end of days in this retro PS1 styled horror game.

Aliens: Eradication – A tense Doom 2 total conversion mod set in a secret second research colony on LV426.

Shadows of Kelper – Deal with giant tentacle monsters in this gloriously silly and brutal B-movie Sci-Fi horror game!

World of Horror – Deal with cosmic horrors in this bizarre 1-bit styled survival horror adventure with roguelike elements

Carrion – Tired of running from monsters? Try becoming one!