Twilight Tower – Game Jam Build Download

Twilight Tower is a narrative-driven car-based horror roguelike where two companions try to climb out of a pit while sand rises up below them and threatens to engulf them.

Created for the Hexcode x Theme Showdown Jam, Twilight Tower is a card-based roguelike set within a massive stone labyrinth that has a pit in the center that continually fills with sand. It’s no ordinary sand – it has a sentience, it haunts your dreams and anyone who touches the it becomes sleepy, lies down and never gets up again. Time to start climbing!

To survive the Twilight Tower you’ll need to keep climbing and stay above the sand for seven days. You have a companion on your journey, who can aid your progress, or perhaps you’d prefer to kill him and steal his stuff!

The game is split up into seven days, with you exploring and climbing during the day then resting and learning more of the story at night. All of your actions are played out via the cards you choose (from a randomly selected choice of three), with most cards costing time and affecting your stats in some way. You need to try and manage your stats to keep them from overwhelming you, while still staying climbing and staying ahead of the sand.

It’s a very addictive game that sees you continually trying to find the sweet spot in a balancing act between climbing and maintaining your stats. The narrative and lore of the labyrinth is particularly intriguing, with things getting much darker and unsettling towards the end. The more you learn about the sand, the more you’ll want to escape from its clutches!

Download Twilight Tower Here (Windows)