Twin 1986 – Game Jam Build Download

Twin 1986 is a stylish, challenging and inventive dual character precision puzzle platformer where you use the momentum of one character to propel the other into the air.

In Twin 1986 you control two characters simultaneously as they attempt to traverse a stylish neon world that’s roughly mirrored horizontally. There are some slight differences between the top world and the mirrored underworld but on the whole they’re pretty similar. The characters run and jump as in a traditional platformer, but you can transfer their vertical momentum to each other, causing them to fire each other into the air.

There are only two levels in Twin 1986, but they are surprisingly long and take some real skill to beat. Traversing obstacles often requires precision timing and a little problem solving as you figure out how to build and lover your character’s momentum in different ways. A stylish and creative puzzle platformer where every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Download or Play Twin 1986 Here (Windows & Browser)