Twin Peaks: Into The Night – Beta Demo

Twin Peaks: Into The Night is an incredible fan made Twin Peaks game that recreates David Lynch and Mark Frost’s classic series as a PS1 styled adventure!

In Twin Peaks: Into The Night you step into the shoes of Special Agent Dale Cooper as he investigates the murder of homecoming queen Laura Palmer in the uncanny town of Twin Peaks. The game has a Resident Evil-esque gameplay style (without the zombies) and follows the story of the show and faithfully recreates scenes from it as you visit the hospital, meet the Sheriff, do a little investigating and explore the Red Room.

There are very few fan games (or even officially licensed games) that manage to capture the look, feel and vibe of the source material as well as Twin Peaks: Into The Night does. The soundtrack, the sampled dialogue, the camera framing, the video clips, and the sheer attention to detail make for something that feels just as authentically Twin Peaks as the series itself. Highly recommended.

Download The Twin Peaks: Into The Night Beta Demo Here (Windows)